With the development of the market, product security puts forward new requirements for anti-counterfeiting methods, and ordinary QR code printing labels can no longer meet the current market needs.

E Identification QR Code System
E Identification QR Code System

According to the current market demand, Suzhou Image Laser Company has rolled out the E Identification System. This system is combined with our holographic stickers to achieve double anti-counterfeiting. At present, the E Identification QR Code system + optical label has been very popular among manufacturers, and it is also in line with the current consumer habits.

E Identification System and Optical Hologram Sticker
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In addition, Suzhou Image Laser also owns two other brands, one is NIP (No Ink Printing), and the other is the Micro-nano Texture.

The Functions of E Identification System

Our E identification QR code system can achieve product traceability, authentication, product and company brand promotion.

The functions that can be realized by E Identification QR code system.
The functions that can be realized by E Identification QR code system.

How Does E Identification Work?

how does E Identification Work
E Identification Query Page
E Identification Authentication Page
E Identification Marketing
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Why Use E Identification QR Code System?

The application of the E Identification QR Code system is beneficial to brand manufacturers and end-users. For the enterprise, they can better manage product and market channels, prevent fake products destroy the brand image, and affect sales.

For consumers, they can easily know the authenticity of the product through a simple QR code scan and avoid buying counterfeit products.

The adantages of E Identification System
The advantages of E Identification System for Consumers

The Application Cases of E Identification

The E identification system can be combined with an optical sticker that can achieve a real anti-counterfeiting effect. They have the characteristics of simple and convenient use, good anti-counterfeiting, the large amounts of information, and easy promotion.

It can effectively solve the production and management construction of enterprise informatization, and also solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling and traceability issues in product sales.

Currently, our E identification optical qr code stickers have been widely used in varieties of cosmetics, food, medicine, electronics, automotive spare parts, etc industry.

E Identification Hologram Sticker Application Dispaly

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