The hologram overlay is a thin transparent protective film that can be applied to ID cards, driving licenses, passports, and travel documents to protect personalized information from forgery and tampering.

Moreover, the surface of transparent holographic overlays has a strong anti-scratch function, so as to prevent information of id credentials from daily wear and tear. At the same time, High transparency ensures personalized data is visible, but very hard to replace it.

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hologram overlays, custom hologram laminate solutions for your ID cards

Suzhou Image Laser offers a variety of stock and custom hologram overlays for different projects. Generally speaking, generic designs are in stock, ship immediately, and affordable, but generic holographic overlays are only used for some basic anti-counterfeiting projects. If used for projects that require a high level of security performance, customized design holographic overlays will be better.

Our company has a dedicated design team who can provide fully custom hologram laminate solutions for unique projects according to the requirements of each customer.

holographic overlay, customized with your logo and text
holographic overlay, customized with your logo and text

Applying these custom version holographic overlays to your state ID card and documents can help prevent any form of forgery, help identify authentic documents, and ensure that all documents and certificates are highly protected.

For large size event ID badge applications, we recommend you hologram laminating pouches, which are composed of two pieces of the optical film. With the help of a heat seal laminator, documents & ID cards can be sealed together with laminating pouches, which make your id badges more durable & secure.

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| Features of Holographic Overlays |

  • Fully custom transparent holographic laminate solutions.
  • Protect your id card from fraud and counterfeiting.
  • Overt, covert, and forensic security features can be incorporated into the design to increase the security of your IDs.
  • Transparent holographic film material will not affect the display of personal information.

| Types of Transparent Holographic Overlays |

According to the needs of different customers, we provide five different types of transparent holographic overlay film. You can choose according to your product form, or consult our customer service.

Embedded Hologram Overlay

The embedded hologram overlay is usually used for ID cards, bank cards, driving licenses, etc., to prevent information from being tampered with.

The micro-nano optical security information embedded in the card body, which is not easy to damage and is easy for mass production.


SizeThicknessLayout Feature
Customized50μm4×8/3×4Difficult to tamper evident

50um PET Embedded Hologram Overlay
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Hologram Laminate Patch

It is a card-type hologram laminate patch with a base film. The PVC card patch film pre-die cut and lined on a release film, use the special laminator to position heating it on the printed PVC card surface.

After lamination, it’s hard to peel the film off, card surface with a high anti-scratch feature, which can extend the service life of the card, and prevent card printing information from tampering.


SizeThicknessRoll directionFeature
Strong anti-scratch
16um card type hologram laminate patch
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Book Type Heat Transfer Hologram Overlay

It usually used on the Visa information record page on book certificates, like Passport, etc.

Opening print well page of personal information, then put the book into the hot-pressing transmission equipment, so the heat transfer hologram overlay and book certificate individual page laminate together, then peel off the raw clear film.

Only leave a transparent security pattern layer on the book after laminating, which also has a strong personal information anti-tampering function.


SizeThicknessFilm DirectionInner Core
75mm*140mm21μmVertical3 Inch core/Customized
Custom Book Type Certificate Heat Transfer Hologram Overlay
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Card Type Certificate Thermal Transfer Hologram Overlay

Use the special laminator to heating the card-type thermal transfer hologram overlay on the PVC card, the PVC card with personalized printing information, and then the transparent optical security layer transferred on the PVC card.

It can’t be peeled off after transfer, with the function of protecting the printing information on the card.


SizeThicknessRoll directionCore
60*48mm21umVertical/horizontal3 Inch core/ Customized core
21um Card Type Thermal Transfer Hologram Overlay
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As a security company, Suzhou Image Laser takes counterfeiting and other forms of fraud seriously. The above five customized hologram laminate solutions are a great way to add security and protection to your ID card.

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