As a security hologram manufacturer, Suzhou Image Laser provides various forms of security hologram heat laminate overlay to protect personal data of your ID cards, proximity cards and driving license from tampering and counterfeiting.

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security heat laminate hologram overlay for ids

At present, there are two kinds of thermal laminate overlay that are most widely used, one is the surface covered holographic overlay, and the other is the embedded laminate overlay. The hologram overlay can be overlaminate on the surface of the ID card or embedded in the card body using a special device to protect the ID card from being forged.

| Surface Covered Hologram Overlay/Hologram Patch |

First, let’s introduce the first type of surface covered hologram overlays, often called hologram patch. They use PET as a carrier and have a pre-cut PET film with optical design. It is difficult to peel off the film, and the surface of the card has a high resistance function, which can prevent the card printing information from being tampered with.

Widely used in ID cards, driving licenses, social security cards, etc. Extend the service life of the card and prevent personal information from being tampered with.

| Features of Surface Covered Hologram Patch |

  • Accept the customized holgoraphic overlaminate solution.
  • Have a strong ability to resistant to scratches.
  • Suitable for PVC/PETG card substrates.
  • Protect personal data from counterfeiting, tampering, and daily abrasion.
  • Film size is smaller than CR80 cards as 1mm for each edge.

Specification of Hologram Heat Laminate Overlay |

SizeThicknessFilm directionInner CorePackaging
84X52mm15um Vertical horizontal input3 Inches core Or customized core200pcs/Roll White box packaging

Usage Advice of Surface Covered Hologram Patch |

Operational environment Check Ensure card material, Laminate machine characteristics, and inner core size to select or customized suitable hologram overlay.
Recommended hot stamping temperature 200℃±5℃
Recommended hot stamping speed 8mm-10mm/S
Preservation environmentAmbient temperature 20°C – 30°C,
Humidity 45%-60%
Executive standardGB/T17554.1-2006 GB/T1766-2008
Based cardPVC/PETG
Common problemDirty environment may cause bubble and bumps
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| Embedded Type Hologram Heat Laminate Overlay |

The second type is embedded form hologram laminate overlay, micro-nano optical security information embedded in card body, hard to damage, easy for mass production, and security layer is under personalized information layer

20um hologram laminate overlay, embed into card body to prevent tampering

Partially security pattern, the security layer will not cover the whole card to avoid pattern covered by personalized information ink.

Generally, card manufacturers use this embedded hologram laminate overlay for mass production, multi-row layout, laminate the security optical film together with multi-row card and chip, then pre-printing, finally cut into single card and ship to the corresponding department to print personalized information. Mostly used for ID Cards, bank cards, driving license, etc.

Specification of Embedded Holographic Laminate Overlay |

SizeThicknessMulti-row layoutPackaging
Customized50um32 /24 rows100 Sheet/Pack

Usage Advice of Embedded Laminate Overlay |

Operational environmentPC material: Recommended laminate temperature is 180℃±2℃, the recommended laminate time is 23min.
PVC material: Recommend lamination temperature is 105℃±2℃, recommended lamination time is 23 min
Preservation environmentAmbient temperature 20°C – 30°C, Humidity 45%-60%
Executive standardGB/T17554.1-2006 GB/T1766-2008
Common problemLayout deviation, bad fastness of security pattern. Partial area use it

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