The hologram laminate patch uses PET as a carrier, pre-cut PET film with optical security design.

After the patch film is laminated with the id card, it’s difficulut to peel off. The surface of the card has a high scratch resistance function, which prevent card printing information from tampering.

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security heat laminate hologram overlay for ids

The holographic laminate patch is a kind of patch-style holographic overlay that leaves a small non-laminated border around the edge of the card. It can be overlaminate on cards by using a special PVC ID card hologram laminator to protect your cards and card data against falsification.

For the diversified needs in the market, our company provides generic and custom versions of hologram laminate patches. Generally speaking, the general pattern optical patch film can only meet the basic anti-counterfeiting function. Because it is not unique, everyone can use it.

holographic grating patch film

In order to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting efforts, most people prefer hologram patch overlay with custom designs, such as national driving licenses, social security cards, passports, etc. Which can be distinguished by the naked eye on the one hand, and are difficult to forge on the other hand.

| Hologram Patch Film Gallery |

Our company offers roll-form hologram patch films for different projects, they are widely used in ID cards, driving licenses, social security cards, etc. Its application can extend the service life of the card and prevent personal information from being tampered with.

The raw material film used for producing custom laminate patch are from DuPont, which have better transparency and brightness to present better optical hologram effect. At the same times, the transparent laminate patch is covered one the card surface, which make the card more secure, and ensure personal data can be read quickly.

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| Features of Hologram Patch Overlay |

  • Suitable for PVC/PETG card substrates.
  • Have a strong ability to resistant to scratches.
  • Accept the customized holographic overlaminate solution.
  • High-transparency material make personalized data is visible.
  • Film size is smaller than CR80 cards as 1mm for each edge.
  • Protect personal data from counterfeiting, tampering, and daily abrasion.

Specification of ID Card Patch Film |

SizeThicknessFilm directionInner CorePackaging
82.6X51mm15-16um Vertical horizontal input3 Inches core Or customized core200pcs/Roll White box packaging

Usage Advice of Optical Laminate Patch |

Operational environment Check Ensure card material, Laminate machine characteristics, and inner core size to select or customized suitable hologram overlay.
Recommended hot stamping temperature 200℃±5℃
Recommended hot stamping speed 8mm-10mm/S
Preservation environmentAmbient temperature 20°C – 30°C,
Humidity 45%-60%
Executive standardGB/T17554.1-2006 GB/T1766-2008
Based cardPVC/PETG
Common problemDirty environment may cause bubble and bumps

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