What is the Hologram Sticker? A hologram sticker is an optical self-adhesive label attached to various packaging items. It has attractive visual effects and embeds many high-security anti-counterfeiting elements. The application of holographic stickers not only adds a striking effect to your packaging but also protects the safety of brands and products. Because the production of holo stickers requires advanced dot-matrix machine and professional technicians, it is extremely difficult to counterfeit.


Hologram labels are usually affixed to brand products for security protection and promotion purposes. To enhance a level of anti-fake protection, they can be incorporated with custom information, such as your logo, brand message, and forensic security elements), so that hologram decals themselves are almost impossible to be counterfeited without the hologram master system.

In order to better serve customers, we provide free security hologram sticker design services, the design is completed within 12 hours.

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| Types of Holographic Stickers |

Holographic stickers are produced by high-resolution optical equipment, which can present rich optical colors and dynamic 2D/3D depth of field. Combine advanced security features to protect your brand and products.

As one of the professional optical hologram stickers and labels manufacturer in china, the only thing that Suzhou Image Laser still remained principle throughout is to provide authentic & aesthetic holographic sticker products with customers honestly. The following are our sticker types.

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| Features of Holographic Labels |

  • OEM is acceptable, such as sizes, colors, shapes, logos, etc.
  • Shiny and aesthetic optical hologram label design.
  • Multi-security features, including overt, covert and forensic features.
  • Make brands and products more difficult to counterfeit.
  • Help verify the authenticity of products and increase brand value.
  • Applicable to various brand packages, certificates and nations ids.

Hologram Stickers Price |

Different sizes, colors, design requirements, and technological processes ultimately lead to different prices for hologram stickers. The following price list is for reference only. There are two forms of finished optical holographic stickers, one is in roll supply, the other one is a single sheet supply, depending on your own needs.


If you want to know the exact price, please contact us and send your detailed requirements.

Application of Optical Hologram Stickers |

With the rapid development of printing technologies, the counterfeiting issue has risen exponentially. Those fake products have a bad influence on brand image, at the same time, lead to losses to the client. So the application of hologram stickers is urgent and necessary.

Suzhou Image Laser has been engaged in the production and sales of hologram stickers for more than ten years. The labels our company produced can be pasted onto various industries’ packaging and different substrates to protect, and authenticate products. Here are some of the most popular holographic label applications.


For certificate applications, we recommend this round demetalized hologram sticker. Most qualification certificates and sensitive documents use these labels to protect information from alteration and forgery.

They can be affixed to university certificates or be stamped on them, After hot stamping, the sticker cannot be lifted up or moved. Therefore, this is a good way to recognize that your certificates are original ones.


Our company has specially designed hologram stickers for the pharmaceutical packaging industry, which can be pasted to the sealed area of ​​medicine boxes and bottles to protect the safety of medicines and prevent forgery.

The drug hologram label uses unique imprinting technology (black and blue printing) and incorporates advanced hologram technology, which makes drug packaging difficult to counterfeit and present shiny optical colors.


Suzhou Image Laser has undertaken many hologram security sticker projects applied to vehicle documents, and we have extensive experience in this filed. You can observe that this type of holographic sticker is usually attached to the inside of the car’s windshield, so that the inspector can verify it on site.

At the same time, it can check whether the car owner has passed the technical inspection, paid the road tax and insurance.


Hologram labels can be used in clothing products to achieve visual effects, promotion and brand security protection. It gives customers a feeling that the absence of the label is evidence of it not being genuine.

The use of security holographic labels not only protects products, but also establishes the credibility of products among consumers, and consumers believe that manufacturers only want to provide authentic products.

In addition, our security holographic stickers can also be used for ID cards, tickets, baseball caps, baseball bats, CDs, DVDs, & various brand packaging.

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| FAQ of Holographic Stickers |

To make Holographic stickers requires advanced hologram equipment and specialist technicians, so it is difficult for counterfeiters to imitate. The main equipment included a dot-matrix hologram machine, electroforming system, hologram embossing equipment, glue coating machine, automatic die-cut machine, and slitting machine. This article will help you understand how do these hologram labels are produced?

Suzhou Image Laser provides three solutions to print the message you want on the holographic sticker. They are thermal transfer ribbon (TTR), UV inkjet and laser numbering. The three ways can perfectly print your own holographic stickers and widely appreciated by the clients for its durability, excellent adhesiveness, and smooth finish.

Here we list some prestigious hologram manufacturers for your reference, they are all IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) members. IHMA is the world renowned authority for holograms.

When purchasing hologram label products, it is recommended to pay attention to the company’s certification, such as ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 27001 (information security system), IHMA, etc. These certificates are the guarantee for the safety of the contract and security of the products.

Suzhou Image Laser Company is one of the well-known manufacturers of holographic stickers in China. The hologram stickers we produce are visually attractive, easy to verify, and difficult to copy. They can help companies establish a brand image and aesthetic value, while giving a product unique identification, and help brand products fight counterfeit products.

The use of security hologram products will make products harder to counterfeit. They can help brands and products tackled counterfeiting issues to some extent.

It is not impossible to counterfeit hologram products, but again, it has technical difficulty, not a simple thing. I believe that you must see a lot of news about making fake money, not to mention stickers.

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