100% Custom Hologram Stickers

Custom hologram stickers can be embedded with some customized logos and brand messages, and are designed to provide additional security for brand products.

Custom hologram images make brand products much more difficult for counterfeiters to imitate. So that helps authenticate products and establish brand images.

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round custom security hologram sticker

These hologram stickers can be customized with your own brand logo, company information, and unique security elements, and are designed to provide a higher level of security for brand packaging and documents. Compared with stock holograms, custom holographic stickers provide more security applications because the images are unique and cannot be used by other users.

At Suzhou Image Laser, we have specific design teams and specialized in offering overall holographic sticker custom service to brand packages and documents. These custom stickers can be widely used for various industries, such as tobacco, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, kids toys, electronics, automobile, etc Industries

Currently, the use of customized design hologram stickers is growing. Because people realize its importance, and more and more people tend to choose products with holographic stickers.

| Features of Custom Holographic Stickers |

  • Fully custom hologram images
  • High security features, such as overt, covert and forensic features
  • Attractive appearance in visual effect
  • Combat counterfeiting
  • Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Applicable to various brand packages, certificates and nations IDs
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| Customized Hologram Stickers Types |

According to the requirements of each customer, our hologram stickers support various personalized customization services, they can be customized from materials, sizes, shapes, colors to optical technologies.

Material & Size

Our company provides about nine custom made hologram materials with customers, such as non-destroyed, hot stamping foil, one-time use, void tamper-evident, honeycomb destructible, dots Pattern, anti-tampering cutting, fragile paper, and customized logo destroyed material.

The sizes of custom logo hologram sticker are available from 10mmx10mm to 150mmx150mm.

Shapes & Colors

Our holographic stickers can be customized into various shapes, common shapes, and some special shapes. Common shapes include square, rectangle, circle and oval, and other special shapes (such as flowers).

custom shape hologram stickers

Available in various colors, for example, god, silver and transparent.

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| Custom Made Hologram Stickers Gallery |

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Custom made hologram stickers integrate anti-counterfeiting, brand enhancement, and aesthetic appearance. This is the best choice to combat counterfeit products. Some necessary information and graphics are embedded in the holographic image, thereby further improving safety performance.

As a leading supplier based in China, we ensure each holographic custom sticker delivered to our clients is qualified. At present, our sticker products have applied to many top brands, such as Bosideng, Samsung, P&G, etc.

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