Identity documents are vital for country security. It’s essential that use high-security features to reduce any possibilities of fake IDs & documents. Our company supplies security laminates products to ensure that these documents are highly protected.

•     ID Card Laminates

Our transparent overlays provide an extra protective layer by laminating with id cards. The surface has strong anti-scatches features through a special process. The custom hologram image is incorporated with personalized printing data make them almost impossible to be replaced and easy to authenticate.

Thin hologram heat laminate overlays are covered on the post-printed cards so that the lamination can protect your cards from daily wear, prolong the service life. Transparent holograms present a more bright optical effect.

•     Passport & Visa Laminates

As an optical security layer, hologram overlays offer excellent protection for paper passports against tampering. In order to add security, some covert features will be employed into a passport, such as fluorescent ink, micro text, hidden text, a high-frequency holographic grating, etc.

Personalized data can be printed with backing paper, and then hologram image and personalized information can be transferred completely onto the surface of paper passport through a thermoplastic sealing machine. Thus give highly secure protection for passports & visas.

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