In recent years, Suzhou Image Laser has been expanding R&D investment in hologram sticker technology. Because we noticed that many top brands and products are facing the risk of counterfeit products. They are eager to get an effective solution to avoid this issue.

The holographic stickers produced by Suzhou Image Laser can be embedded with various anti-counterfeiting technologies, which can raise the threshold of forgery and make forgery very difficult. Work with us to make your brand and products safer.

At present, our company has independently developed more than twenty kinds of optical hologram technologies, which are divided into overt, covert, and forensic security features.

These security elements can be applied not only to holographic sticker products but also to other holographic products, such as hologram overlay, tear tape, and laminate pouches, to protect the safety of your products, brands, and documents. If you are not familiar with these optical security techniques, our team will help you understand which one is best for your requirements.

Overt Hologram Anti-counterfeiting Technologies

We have about 14 overt hologram anti-counterfeiting technologies for you. Each hologram technique has instructions and related cases.

The explicit or hidden anti-counterfeiting technology notified in public description documents, publicity materials, and other public media.

It is usually identified by visual recognition and is not affected by identification personnel, identification tools and the environment, including but not limited to portable tools such as magnifying glass, mobile phones and other common methods used for identification of anti-counterfeiting features. The following are detailed description about them.

1, 2D/3D Hologram

2D 3D Hologram Sticker with Scratch QR Code

2D /3D optical hologram technology is often applied to various sticker products to give a visual sense of depth. It consists of more than two layers of planar images, forming a 3D scene. When viewed with the naked eye, it feels that the flat graphics form a depth of field (or floating) of 2 to 5 mm.

2, Rainbow Hologram


Rainbow color, wider view field angle under point light source, stable colors. It can present beautiful and dynamic optical colors. Embed this rainbow hologram technology in the label, and then paste the label on your product, which can add a finishing touch to your packaging.

3, True Color Hologram

3D True Color Hologram Technology

Reproduce the true colors of the original object under a specific angle, e.g. portrait, blue sky, and white cloud. actual effect.

This “Opera Gentle Woman” design uses 3D true color hologram technology, which is usually used in various decorations and products with anti-counterfeiting requirements. This is a form of visual expression.

4, Diffraction Optical Change


Through the dot matrix pixel unit to change the grating diffraction angle and diffraction space-frequency to obtain multiple directions of visual channels. Presents effects such as radiation, the beam of light, and CD texture graphics.

5, 3D Dynamic

3D dynamic hologram sticker

Restore 3D natural colors under specific angle, e.g. gesture changes, blink, bird fly, cloud flutter etc. Usually choose 80% static, a small part of the dynamic display, otherwise it will look messy.

6, White Dynamic

white dynamic change holographic sticker

Bright and dark dynamic changes can be observed under different observing angles. It can show rich dynamic effects.

7, Shallow Structure Lens

Hologram Id Overlay with Shallow-Structure Lens Technology

Shallow Structure Lens is also called the color cat eye, it can present a high gloss lens effect.

8, Diffraction Relief, Metal Relief, and Matte Relief

Tech NameDescriptionFinal Effect
8, Diffraction ReliefColorful concave-convex relief 3D sense. The hexagonal logo seems to float on the word IMAGE.Holographic-sticker-with-Diffraction-Relief
9, Metal ReliefA full view field relief effect, non rainbow color, single metal glossSticker with Metal Relief Tech
10, Matte ReliefA 3D relief with surface sand blasting sense.qr-code-hologram-sticker-with-Matte-Relief

11, Zero Level Light Diffraction

Zero Level Light Diffraction

A transparent hologram with stable color changes under reflected light angle, or metalized hologram with hidden graphics under big view angle.

Please have a look at this sticker, it has stable color change between red and green when rotating 90 degrees. The holographic grating is commonly used for sensitive documents, driving license, National IDs, it’s very hard to do forgery.

12, Flip-Flop Hologram


Flip flop hologram technology is a perfect combination of visual appeal and security performance. You can view different graphics at different angles in the same position while rotating the hologram image.

You will observe two graphics “TULEN” and “ORIGINAL” exchange when rotating the sticker. The flip flop is very difficult to copy, normal printing technology is impossible to realize the same effect.

13, Optical Guilloche

Hologram Laminate Patch with Optical Guilloche Anti-counterfeiting Technology

0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with dynamic effect. This is the thinness and dynamic design that cannot be achieved by printing.

14, De-metalized Hologram

demetallization hologram sticker

The demetallization hologram is also called optical etching, is one of many holographic techniques. It can eliminate a thing which you don’t want to appear and keep the part you want. Apparently, your products will more elegant and exquisite as you affix this de-metalized sticker to your package.

Covert Optical Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Suzhou Image Laser has developed 6 very mature covert optical anti-counterfeit technologies, which are usually used for high-level security requirements.

The security technology is only for the internal management and inspection needs of manufacturers and users and does not publicize and inform the public.

There are certain requirements for identifying personnel, identification tools, and the environment. Microscopes, laser pointer, ultraviolet lamps, polarizers, magnetometers, code scanning, and electronic chip scanners are used for professional anti-counterfeiting inspection and recognition. Special detection films, Decode chips, detectors, special APP reading software, and other special devices to carry out security inspection and recognition.

1, Micro Text and Graphics

Micro texts and graphics, can be seen clearly under 40×magnifier

For text or LOGO images with a height of 50~150um, it requires 10-40 times of handheld magnifier to observe the miniature information.

Do you notice some lines like an earthworm in the sticker, that is micro text. Continuous “Guarantee”  can be seen clearly under 40×magnifier.

2, Super Precise Micro Graphics

50μm~10μm height text or graphics, use 100~500 times microscope to recognize.

3, Information Fiber


Information fiber is similar to random fiber lines on banknotes and counterfoil, can recognize the hidden information on the fiber line by 40 times magnifier.

4, Pixel Character


Pixel character is an encryption technology by dot-matrix machine expansion. You will observe each pixel in the image is formed by a specific graphics or letter ( such as a regular five-pointed star) under 80 times magnifying glass.

Each pixel consist of one more multi-character unit, often hidden in a diffractive optically variable image device (DOVID).

5, Laser Re-production


Use a laser pointer to recognize the hidden information, can present two-directional symmetric or two-directional different static graphic, also can be designed as projection animation.

Use a small laser pen to shine on the hidden area, it can show out the hidden graphics, for example, the ” OK” word.

6, Diffraction Characteristic Graphics

Diffraction characteristic graphics, use mobile light source can read the specific diffraction graphics

Diffraction characteristic graphics are also called diffraction code, use mobile light or other point light source, can present specific diffraction graphics, read the graphics on the mobile screen.

Also can scan with specialized mobile APP to authenticate, and link to cloud database for track and trace.

Forensic Optical Security Technology

Only a few designers or users know it, and usually take appropriate security and confidentiality measures for final authentication such as arbitration identification, proof, and decryption.

It should be certified by a third-party testing agency with relevant testing qualifications. Use metallographic microscope, confocal microscope, SEM scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, etc. for inspection and analysis, and issue a third-party identification report.

The above is just a part of our numerous holographic anti-counterfeiting technologies. If you have any interest in our security hologram products, please send your specific requirements and our team will provide you with appropriate and unique solutions.

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