If you are looking for an effective way to improve the security of your ID, then using holograms on your ID is a good solution. Generally, the hologram is integrated on the ID card through hologram laminate.

Laminating a hologram on an ID card is not as simple as printing. The hologram image is a 3D image with dynamic changes, which cannot be achieved by ordinary ID card printers. Therefore, the threshold for forging holographic ID cards is raised.

hologram laminate for id cards

What are the benefits of using holograms on id card? here are the five points.

1, Enhance the security of id card

Various anti-counterfeiting futures can be embedded in a transparent holographic overlay, and then the overlay is laminated on the card substrate, making the card difficult to forge.

The counterfeiter may be able to copy an element in the overlay, but if you have multiple elements, it is impossible for them to completely copy them.

holographic overlay with multiple security elements

As I wrote in the previous article, it is recommended to use multiple anti-counterfeiting features together to add different levels of security to your ID cards. For details, you can check the article I wrote about what security features can make the id card more secure.

2, Visual security protection of id card

The holographic laminate image is dynamically changing and three-dimensional. And as the viewing angle changes, the color will also change. It is not like printing and has stable colors. It is difficult for counterfeiters to grasp its rules and imitate them, so increasing additional protection to your id cards.

3, The size of the laminate overlay is different

Our company offers different laminate solutions for you.

Edge to edge laminate, which means you can choose to cover the entire ID card with an overlay film, which we call thermal transfer overlay.

Difference between heat laminate patch and transfer overlay

The size of the overlay is 1mm smaller on each side than standard id cards, the most used is hologram patch film. It has a strong anti-scratch feature and can work well with various PC, PVC/PETG card substrates.

Small Partial laminate. You only want a small part of your id card to be covered by a hologram, you can use our hot stamping processing.

4, Custom Embedded texts and images

In addition to the card itself can be printed with various personal data information, the film can also be customized information, you can specify the pattern, text, logo, etc. The advantage is that this pattern belongs to you only, others cannot use it.

5, Tamper evident protection

One of the most common counterfeiting methods used by counterfeiters is to process the original personal information and photos of the ID card and use other image data instead.

The id card hologram overlay we produce can prevent this from happening by using tamper-evident materials. For details, you can learn about our holographic cold laminate overlay, they all use honeycomb anti-tampering materials. Once the hologram looks inconsistent, it indicates that it may have been tampered with.

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