QR codes have become very popular among brand owners, a QR code on a holographic sticker can provide the consumer with further information about the product. It can also be used as a marketing tool, for instance, to inform consumers about promotions or discounts.

Moreover, It can connect with cloud technology to verify the authenticity of the product and trace the origin of the product.

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It is true that the QR code is a very convenient technology for consumers. Using smartphones can easily read the QR code and read the related information.

However, a standard QR code sticker is not a security feature. Combining hologram and QR codes is currently the most popular and is also the best way to ensure a safe product for their customer while at the same time providing a traceability system.

How to Print a QR Code on Holographic Stickers?

Suzhou Image Laser Company specializes in producing holographic QR code stickers. We have advanced printing equipment that can print a variety of fixed or variable QR codes to meet various needs in the market.

Simple 4 steps to finish QR code printing on the optical sticker.

First, design an optical sticker and leave a space for QR code printing, 12*12mm or bigger space.

Print a QR Code on Hologram Sticker
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Second, the customer provides the QR code data in excel, text, or other formats.

Last, printing the QR codes, we have thermal printing, laser printing, UV inkjet, and digital printing methods.

Currently, holographic QR code has been widely used on many different packaging products. Such as electronics, cosmetics, pharmacy, food, and so forth.

How to Order a QR code Hologram Sticker?

The QR code hologram sticker is composed of two parts, one part is the hologram area, the other part is the QR code.

In the first step, please send us your requirements and artwork. And then our designers will do hologram effect artwork for your approval.

Second, tell us the final functions and application of the QR code, and send us your data.

This is a flowchart that will guide you on how to order the appropriate QR code holographic sticker for your brand and products.

Hologram Sticker Order Process

QR code is more of a digital security solution, but it’s easy to duplicate. That’s why it is usually produced with optical security holograms or other security printings.

Nowadays, it’s also combined with authentication and track & trace system to realize verification check and product traceability.

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