Of course, our company has ourselves design center, which is professional in creating hologram stickers with custom logo, that means your own logo and texts can be directly embedded into these hologram images to improve the security. Compared with the stock hologram image, custom information offers a higher level of protection and make it much more difficult to copy.

Yes, we have paper and PET materials for making holographic stickers, some customers need to put the stickers outdoors, so it is recommended to use PET material because the raw material is polyethylene terephthalate with waterproof function ester. On sunny or rainy days, PET hologram stickers will not be destroyed, they can work as usual.

Yes, we can do these stickers, adding an individual serial number on hologram stickers can help manage and track the product of different batches. In addition, they can combine with a variety of other elements for anti-fake authentication and beauty purpose. Such as logos, QR codes, and barcodes.

Our hologram stickers are very easy to paste, they can be put on a verity of product surfaces by manually or special labeling machine, such as glass, paper, stainless steel, smooth or curved surfaces. Most of them are pasted by hand, if by labeler, our technicians will set the label gap and detailed parameters to match the corresponding equipment.

The glue of our hologram sticker is very firm, No matter what material it is attached to, there will be no word comes off when removed.

If you want something that can come off when removed, we can provide tamper-evident hologram stickers, which have five material to choose for you, such as VOID, Honeycomb, Dots Die-cuttings, Fragile paper, and Customized tamper-evident.

These stickers are only for one use, after peeling off, the optical image will be broken. They can effectively protect the brand and prevent counterfeiting.

Suzhou Imaging Laser has independently developed a series of generic hologram stickers. They have a small MOQ, an affordable price, and can be shipped immediately. Generic Design does not have any registration information and is available to any user. It’s pretty applicable to promotional gifts.

Nowadays, you can see a QR code on many hologram labels for packaging products. It only requires a small area to store a large amount of information. These QR Codes can be linked to the official website, customized page, and track & trace system for product authentication and information spreading.

Two steps to place QR code on your label

First, provide files

At first, provide the file in PETG, PS or other formats for unchanged QR Codes, in excel files for changeable QR Codes, and also advise holographic label requirements, our designer will provide hologram artwork for approval within 24 hours.

Second: two methods to place the QR code on your label.

For unchanged QR codes, like linked-to website, make it by optical technology, with very high scratch-resistant function, can work till label destroyed.

For changeable QR Codes, like the link to track & trace system with a random number to verify, print them black color by thermal transfer printing technology, then gluing oil to protect QR Codes from scratch.

Yes, we can do it for you. stock hologram labels are produced by using the generic design and can be used by anybody. It’s very suitable for promotional products or products that pay attention to visual appearance. You can visit the page of stock hologram stickers and then select the pattern that you like.

The cost of hologram sticker is based on your pattern, size and quantity. Kindly send us the details of requirements about the stickers, we will we check the exact price for you ASAP.

The shipping time is quick as we choose express service usually, small order is about 3-7 working days, bulk production 7-10 working days, details production schedule depends on your order quantities and requirements of the production process.  

    You inquiry will be replied within 24 hours!