Adding a 3D hologram sticker to a product is the mark of the authenticity of the product. Apart from the security it also has many other benefits here.

3d holograms are created by using 2d/3d optical tech which can present highly shining colors and dynamic changes. It can make your product a big difference in the market.

3D holographic stickers not only make a product more attractive but also prove its originality, therefore, it becomes very important and essential parts of the current packaging products.

circular custom 3d stereo hologram sticker

Applications of 3D hologram stickers

The high security and multi-color features make 3d hologram labels highly leveraged in many different industries. They can be combined with consecutive serial numbers, QR codes, and custom elements for identification and traceability purposes.

And they can be designed to affix to various paper packaging boxes, bottle sealing, bottle top to make products more secure.

3D Laser Holographic Sticker for Security Seal
3D Laser Holographic Sticker

3d hologram stickers provided by Suzhou Image Laser offer many advantages and benefits in their application on secure goods however the primary benefits include:

  • High-security 3d hologram stickers authenticate your brand and business
  • Beautiful colors add the perceived value to the product
  • Very difficult to duplicate
  • Helps in promoting your business and brand amongst the target customer.
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The benefits for consumers by using 3d holographic stickers

When it comes to the benefits for consumers, these are clear. The use of 3d holographic stickers allows them to quickly identify your products and prevent losses from buying counterfeit products.

We have already outlined that 3d hologram stickers are an attractive addition to any packaging and that products that are protected by holograms result in the consumer perceiving a higher value.

Moreover, Using 3d hologram labels not only secure the product, but it also creates goodwill of product among consumers, and consumer believes that manufacturer cares about the overall quality of their products and want to save consumers from buying forge products. Finally consumer feels the sense of security that his hard earner money is being spent on worth product.

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