Micro-nano optical stickers are also called optical anti-counterfeiting labels, which can be pasted, hot stamped, or transferred to the surface of required objects, such as various brand packaging, hang tags, fabrics, and anti-counterfeiting documents.

The micro-nano optical hologram sticker is one of the high-end anti-counterfeiting labels on the market. It not only combines aesthetic package style and anti-counterfeiting function but is also no ink printing that meets the current social requirements for low carbon and environmental protection.

micro-nano optical hologram sticker

So, what types of micro-nano optical anti-counterfeiting labels are they? The difference with ordinary anti-counterfeit labels? What are its advantages?

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What types of micro-nano optical sticker?

At present, Suzhou Image Laser has developed many different types of micro-nano optical stickers. In terms of function, we have printable, stock, customized, QR code, 3D, and tamper-evident labels.

 In terms of supply form, we have the holographic sticker in roll and sheet forms. In terms of color, we have developed a gold, transparent, red, and silver hologram sticker.

types of micro-nano optical sticker

According to the customer’s actual needs, our team will refer to your actual product, packaging style, and application to recommend a suitable solution to you.

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The difference with ordinary anti-counterfeit labels?

Micro-nano optical anti-counterfeit labels include high-level optical technologies, high-resolution images, reflection angle discoloration, achromatic texture, three-dimensional true color, pixel, flip-flop, and pixel character. Special edition customization, not easy to copy.

The difference with ordinary anti-counterfeit labels
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What are the advantages of micro-nano optical hologram stickers?

Micro-nano optical hologram stickers are a fast, easy, eye-catching way to promote your business, brand, or event. It is made by using high-quality PET materials, durable PET can protect your labels from scratches and waterproof.

The 3D effect and rainbow colors of the holographic anti-counterfeiting label are very easy to attract the attention of customers. Therefore, they can be applied to various packaging products to make the packaging more eye-catching. Customized die sizes enable them to meet different packaging requirements.

Hologram anti-counterfeiting stickers with customized brand logo

In addition to brand information, custom holograms have also been created to combat counterfeiting. Since they cannot be optically scanned by a computer or recreated using a photocopier, this makes them a very cost-effective security feature.

An optical sticker can be combined with a QR code traceability system to provide a quick way to authenticate genuine products and trace related information.

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No matter what type of anti-counterfeiting label, anti-counterfeiting technology is the key. Suzhou Image believes that anti-counterfeiting technology is always a dynamically changing technology and relatively high-tech.

We must not look at a technology with a solidified perspective. In other words, an anti-counterfeiting label this year may become a normal label next year. Recognizing this, it is not difficult to understand why anti-counterfeiting technologies that have just appeared on the market soon, and counterfeiters will soon come. Anti-counterfeiting is always a process of gaming with counterfeiters.

Suzhou Image Laser has its own professional design and technical team. We will regularly develop new anti-counterfeiting technologies to reduce the risk of brand products being forged to a certain extent and protect the interests of the brand and consumers.

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