What is QR Code Traceability System?

QR code traceability system is the result of a combination of QR codes and tracking systems. It’s applicable to various industries, especially pharmaceutical and food items. Anti-fake traceability is high-technical products that help track and trace product origins, authenticate fake products, and reduce counterfeiting issues.

QR Code Anti-fake Traceability System
QR Code Anti-fake Traceability System

The combination of QR code system and hologram image is very popular in the market, Suzhou image laser not only provides customers with high-security level hologram sticker but also along with the corresponding authentication system.

Authentication Methods of QR Code Traceability System

QR code traceability system has 2 authentication methods, the whole authentication process is very quick and simple, it just requires a smartphone, special equipment, or identification APP.

1, Authentication via Smartphone

Customers can check the authenticity of a product by scanning the QR code section of the holographic sticker affixed to the package by making use of the smart phone.

As you scan the QR code, a new page will pop up on your phone, and then you need to enter the verification code to authenticate whether this product is genuine. Usually, it will say this is the 1 time to authenticate, but if it says this is the 2 or 3 times to authenticate, this product may be duplicate. Click to see more QR code hologram products.

Security Authentication via mobile phone

2, Authentication via Special App and Equipment

If your products want to be tracked from production, package, to transportation, this authentication system is quite suitable for you. The only difference is that the whole process requires a special APP and QR code scanner. It can be used for distributor management and manufacturing process traceability.

What’s the Benefits of Track and Trace System to Enterprises and Consumers?

Nowadays, you can find the QR code on various packaging products everywhere. The use of anti-fake authentication system is not only benefits to brand owners, but consumers. It gives products a unique identification.

Don’t underestimate it, this simple QR code can carry a large amount of information, in the combination with traceability system can realize many functions, such as promotions, brand awareness, product traceability, points-based reward promotion, collect online databases, distributor management, etc.

Features of QR Code Labels

Suzhou Image Laser self-developed customized traceability system to meet with the market requirements. Advanced optical techs integrate track and trace function which offers double security to protect the product against any possible form of counterfeiting. Should you have any interest in the QR code track and trace system, Welcome to contact us.

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