This foil stamping process is widely used in cosmetic packaging materials and is an important part of the post-processing technology of packaging materials.

It transfers the aluminum layer of the foil to the surface of the substrate to form a special metal effect through a hot press transfer process.

The foil stamping process can be divided into cold stamping and hot stamping, among which hot stamping is further divided into register hologram hot stamping, ordinary flat hot stamping, 3D stamping (commonly known as gravure and convex hot stamping), and other processes.

Today I will focus on introducing the holographic hot stamping process.

gold color hologram hot stamping foil with registered mark
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Introduction of Hologram Hot Stamping

The hologram hot stamping process mainly includes random hot stamping and register hot stamping. Holographic register hot stamping is a special hot stamping process, it uses the anti-counterfeiting pattern on the foil, which not only greatly improves the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product, but also improves the level of the product. It is mainly used for various carton packaging that needs an anti-counterfeiting function.

Fixed position hot stamping hologram is a great combination of laser holographic images with good anti-counterfeiting effect and hot stamping technology so that the product has both anti-counterfeiting performances while being an excellent visual appearance.

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Working Principle of Hologram Hot Stamping

Using the hot stamping equipment, the hot melt adhesive layer and the release layer on the hot stamping hologram material are heated and melted by the heated hot stamping mould, and under certain pressure, the information layer of the hot stamping material (the holographic grating stripes) are separated with the PET substrate Separation, so that the aluminum foil information layer and the ironing surface are bonded and integrated to achieve a perfect combination.

The Application of Register Hologram Hot Stamping Technology

Register Hologram stamping is also called hot stamping foil label or special pattern fixed position hot stamping, which is a new type of laser anti-counterfeiting technology and has been widely used. It’s mostly used for various tickets, credit cards, passports, banknotes, bills, trademarks, tobacco and alcohol packaging, and important publishing for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

the application of roll hot stamping foil label

Production of Holographic Positioning Hot Stamping Mould

The production process of the holographic positioning hot stamping mould is basically the same as that of the ordinary flat hot stamping and the concave-convex hot stamping mould.

It must use special laser aluminum foil and an advanced registration detection system, which determines that holographic positioning hot stamping has stricter and higher requirements for hot stamping materials and hot stamping machine performance than other hot stamping processes.

The adjustment of registered sensor

During the holographic registered hot stamping, the adjustment of the detection electric eye (sensor) is the most important step. The correct adjustment method is: you must first observe the reaction state of the detection sensor when the machine is running, and then make corresponding adjustments, so as to ensure that the reaction of the detection sensor is sensitive and accurate, and cannot refer to the response state of the detection sensor in a “clean” state.

About the seam line of hologram hot stamping foil

Since most of the holographic patterns on the stamping foil are arranged independently and intermittently, a seam line will appear every certain distance on the stamping foil in operation.

If the gap distance of the holographic positioning pattern can’t be properly controlled, there will be a seam line, resulting in defective products.

Therefore, controlling the seam skipping procedure of holographic hot stamping foil is also an important factor in the production of hot stamping products.  

Other Additional Tips

During the hot stamping process, sometimes encounter some issues, such as printing products can’t do hot stamping because of UV glazing.

This is caused by the incompatibility between anodized aluminum and UV varnish. At this time, it is necessary to adopt the method of first hot stamping and then UV glazing.

If the product that ready to do printing needs to be processed by laser embossing transfer, you had better do the laser embossing transfer first and then hot stamping.

If you want to learn more about the foil stamping process, pay attention to our website, and we will continue to introduce other types of hot stamping processes in the future.

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