Nowadays, identity documents are linked to personal credit, it’s a valid proof of personal identity. However, With the rapid development of high-tech, more and more lawbreakers create fake identification cards to do illegal trade.

holographic overlay with multiple security features
holographic overlay with multiple security features

This is dangerous for individuals and the country. How to ensure identity document security is vital for both an individual and a country. Presently, transparent holographic overlays produced by Suzhou Image Laser can tackle these issues to some extent.

It contains different security features that can be incorporated into id cards, paper documents, badges, and licenses. And those security features are made by using the latest lithography equipment, making them very hard to copy.

To further enhance security, some custom information (such as logos, texts, and graphics) can be embedded in the transparent hologram overlay.

1, Benefits of using transparent holographic overlays

It is known to all that the application of the transparent holographic overlays can effectively protect identify documents from falsification and tampering. Apart from this, it has other advantages.

As far as I know, most ID documents have NFC chips, which can help inspectors quickly link to personal data. Combined with the high transparency hologram effect, it is easier to determine whether the card is genuine, or whether any information on the card has been tampered with and does not interfere with the NFC signal.

high transparency hologram overlay
high transparency hologram overlay

They are more weather-proofed with numerous counterfeit protection features to withstand transportation wear or encasements.

2, How do hologram overlays secure your identity documents?

Generally speaking, the anti-counterfeiting method used in the design of the hologram overlay is divided into two kinds, security protection in visual perception and technical level.

1) Security protectionin visual perception

It meanssecurity features can be recognized by naked eyes, including your signature,watermarks, optical anti-fake, OVI printing, etc. However, optical security solutionsare the most popular with various documents, such as passport, identificationcard, event id badges, etc. they are attractive, easy to authenticate and difficult tocounterfeit.

2) Anti-fake at Technical level

Technicalanti-fake which is professionally called covert, covert and forensic securityfeatures. It’s applicable to major projects which require higher securityperformance, such as passport, driving license, identification card, bank card,etc.

holographic grating patch film

Covert features, hidden information will be seen by special devices or special angels, such as magnifying glass, UV light. Forensic features require specialized technicians to verify, is extremely difficult to copy and then take the security of your documents to a higher level.

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