Packaging design plays an important role in brand building. In today’s competitive marketplace, brands are increasingly focusing on pack personalization and customization to carve distinct identities and connect with end-users. After all, a package is the first hand-shake a consumer has with a product.

electronic product packaging design
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Three points of Packaging Design

The packaging design is designed to protect the safety of the circulation of goods, facilitate the use of consumers, promote the sale of goods, and protect the security of branded products.

It uses reasonable materials according to the style and attributes of packaging objects, and finally creates a packaging entity through technologies.

Security ▼

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the goods, and the packaging design must take security into consideration, including the safety of the packaging itself and the security of the packaged goods.

First of all, packaging design should select reasonable containers and other packaging materials according to specific products, and consider all links such as packaging, storage, transportation, and use to ensure the protection of packaged items.

Secondly, the packaging itself must be sufficient security. Generally, various anti-counterfeiting technologies and brand elements are used in packaging design to protect brand packaging from being copied. Such as brand logo, company information, and various covert and overt optical technologies.

NIP Anti-counterfeit Packaging Design
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Suzhou Image Laser Company roll out a new anti-counterfeiting packaging solution, which we call “No Ink Printing”, or “NIP” for short.

It’s achieved by utilizing physical color rendering methods such as diffraction, refraction, scattering, and waveguides generated within the micro-nano structure to partially or completely replace ink printing to represent characters and display black-and-white and color images.

The two important aspects of NIP are that it is highly secure and environmentally friendly. NIP is thus regarded as one of the most effective advancements in the area of environmental protection printing.

NIP technique can be applied on both soft packs and hard boxes of brand products as per the customer’s requirements. Apart from this, it can also be used on hologram stickers, tear tapes, national ID cards, and other official documents.

NIP (no ink printing) optical hologram sticker
NIP (no ink printing) optical hologram sticker
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Aesthetic packaging pushes the sales of products ▼

Today’s business competition is fierce, and many brands of products flow into the market. The dazzling array of similar products makes people dizzy. Unique, exquisite, and aesthetic packaging can make the brand stand out among many packaging products and enhance the competitiveness of the market.

Convenient to use ▼

The packaging design should be people-oriented and embody humanity. For example, the plastic film on the packaging of a certain brand of cosmetics is difficult to open, and tools are needed every time, offers a bad user experience.

Eco-friendly ▼

Eco-friendly is achieved from two aspects, one is appropriate packaging without wasting resources, the other is scientific in the use of materials, and some issues attached to the packaging are fully considered, such as whether there are side effects on human health, the processing or recycling of packaging materials. Use, etc., to achieve “green” packaging.

No Ink Printing Optical Packaging design, used for Electronics
No Ink Printing Optical Packaging design, used for Electronics

Consumers first touch the product packaging before purchasing a product. Packaging design plays a pivotal role in product marketing, corporate image building, and brand security. Therefore, manufacturers should pay attention to their own product packaging.

Understanding the role of packaging in building brands, Suzhou Image Laser offers innovative security packaging solutions that invigorate brand touch points and deliver memorable experiences.

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