In order to meet different levels of security applications, one or more optical technologies can be applied to the tear tape. Even, in order to enhance security, some brand information can also be incorporated into these thin tear tapes.

On the one hand, it can protect brand products from being forged and anti-counterfeiting, and on the other hand, it can also help brand promotion. Let’s take a look at these amazing optical technologies used in tear tape products together.

1. High precision micro image/text

It’s extremely difficult to identify by naked eyes and only can discover the micro image/text in optical tear tape under 80 ×magnifying glass.

optical tear tape with micro text
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2. Zoom and out

With the change of the view angle, “ORIGINAL” has dynamically changed in sizes from left to right, and then give you a sense of a beautiful visual experience.

hologram tear tape with zoom in or out tech

3. Flip-flop

Two different images will be seen in the same position when rotating images, and very attractive.  

flip flop tear tape, ORIGINAL and the other graphic appear alternately

4. High-quality hologram-metalized

Hologram de-metalized tech is hard to operate. The technician must be very careful when coat protective glue, in case wash out the part you want to reveal. Of course, it’s also very difficult to replicate.

The application of this technology will make your holographic tear tape more exquisite, and at the same time, make your brand packaging more secure.

hologram de-metalized tear tape

If you have any other requirements, please contact us, Suzhou Image Laser self-developed more than twenties hologram technologies to safeguard your products.

If you have other requirements, please contact us. Suzhou Image Laser has independently developed more than twenties holographic technologies to protect your products.

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