The tamper evident holographic sticker continues to grow in popularity because of the development of the counterfeiting market. Many brands are more and more aware of the full extent of the impact of counterfeit goods on brands.

As we all know, Trade in counterfeit and pirated goods has risen steadily in the last few years. And fake items don’t have strict quality control, even carry with some harmful ingredients. They are harmful to people’s health and safety. Counterfeit goods are sold at lower prices, which will result in a great loss of brand products and destroy a brand reputation.

Faced with this issue, The time has come for brand owners to adopt comprehensive security hologram solutions to safeguard their brands and products.

VOID Tamper Evident Labels

Hologram tamper evident labels produced by Suzhou Image Laser play an important role in protecting the brand products from counterfeiting and tampering. They can be divided into two different materials, one is PET material and the other is paper material.

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PET material hologram tamper proof stickers include three types, separately are Honeycomb, VOID, and One-time-use. These labels are produced on destructible one-time-use material, which means the sticker can’t be reused once it’s removed or transferred.

Otherwise, there will be some residues like VOID, Honeycomb, or the overall aluminum layer on the original position that the sticker is affixed, thus providing security, authentication, and protection for brand products. No wonder it becomes an ideal choice for more and more brand owners.

Different Types of Tamper Evident Hologram Label
Tamper Evident Hologram Label

Besides this, PET tamper proof hologram stickers are available to customize with your own logo.  When the sticker is removed, the special logo pattern remains behind on the substrate. It can greatly increase the difficulty of counterfeiting. If other people want to do the same as your sticker, the original hologram master and special material are necessary. But, that is the technical difficulty, it is not easy to reproduce that image entirely.

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Different from PET material, Paper material hologram tamper evident stickers don’t have any residue on the substrates. But they are commonly designed with an anti-tampering die-cutting pattern (also called security cutting) on the hologram image. Anti-tampering cutting is usually done during die-cutting processing. The holographic sticker will break apart while peeled off from an original position.

Tamper evident holographic stickers have become vital to many industries from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electrics, food, cigarette, to alcoholic drinks to prove authenticity and for tamper resistance.

Its production has very strict requirements and high standards for processing, equipment, and technicians. And that means it is not easy to counterfeit. At least by existing technology, the cost of counterfeiting it is so high. So that can help you to deter fraudsters and keep your business and products safe from fraudsters.

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