You can find more and more holographic labels are used on almost all kinds of products nowadays, products range from toys, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics to cosmetic industries.

For brand owners, they must cater to the market. With the safety awareness of consumers has also improved, brand owners need to show that their products are genuine though using a security hologram label.

At the same time, every brand is at the risk of being counterfeited, those fake products will lead to substantial financial losses for the brand owners and seriously damage the enterprise image.

hologram safety label for brand package
hologram safety label for a brand package
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How can hologram labels guarantee original?

It’s very difficult for common people to verify whether a product is an original or a fake one. A Holographic label is a direct & great means to authenticate products. The whole production process is quite sophisticated, thus making it very difficult to false. 

Firstly, the production of holograms comes from a hologram origination system, which is not easy to replicate that image entirely without the original master.

At Suzhou Image Laser, we don’t duplicate any existing hologram or make any fake certificate and IDs, aiming to help customers make a safety hologram that other people can’t fake it easy. And this is the principle for a serious company.

hologram origination system
hologram origination system

Secondly, Our company offers multi-level security features that are incorporated into products, including all kinds of overt, covert, and forensic features. These different levels of security matched different market requiems. At the same time, custom designs further offer a high level of protection for brands and products. 

Finally, to add security, self destructible tamper-proof material will be used for embossing hologram images. Once affixed on a required place, any attempt to remove or lift them will lead to their destruction.

Holographictamper evident labels addadditional security features to products to fight against counterfeiting activities. Destructive pattern can be ‘VOID’,‘Honeycomb’, ‘Anti-tampering cutting’, ‘Fragile paper’. Further, it can also bein other customized designs.

holographic tamper evident labels

Our holographic labels can achieve high resolution, high anti-counterfeiting, and beautiful designs that are difficult to achieve with other ordinary labels. Visit the Difference Between Holographic Labels and Normal Label to know more!

And then, maybe some people will ask if we make holograms from you, can they be copied easily by others? To answer your concerns, we write an article “can security hologram be copied“, hope it can help you.

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