It is not difficult to find that many organizations, schools, government agencies, and businesses are using hologram overlay products on their various IDs and certificates.

Since traditionally printed personal documents are easy to forge and tamper with, they need a high level of security solution to protect the credential products from fraud and counterfeiting.

hologram overlay protects id cards from counterfeiting
hologram overlay protects id cards from counterfeiting

The application of the holographic overlay will add an extra layer of security protection to the photo ID and badge. Currently, our company offers two solutions, one is the stock version, the other one is the custom version.

Generally speaking, some shops and small companies will use our stock versions, such as membership cards and staff IDs. But for government projects and some large companies, custom holographic overlays will be the perfect security solution.

holographic overlay, customized with your logo and text
holographic overlay, customized with your logo and text

As an experienced manufacturer of security holograms, Suzhou Image Laser Company is very professional in customized services and has its own design team.

Why Use Custom Hologram Overlays on ID Cards?

Improve the security of the photo ID and badge, this is important.

Using a custom made holographic overlay means that special designs can be used. You can use custom elements such as company logos, texts, graphics, and even anti-counterfeiting features to meet unique needs.

Due to the custom design, it is only available to you, other people can’t use it. It will improve the security of the card to a higher level.

Strong anti-scratch to enhance durability.

In addition to preventing counterfeiting and other advanced security, the customized hologram overlay also allows the hologram to be applied to the card in the form of a transparent film to increase the card’s durability.

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