Holographic Tamper Evident Label

Color: Silver

Size: 15 circle

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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Dot Pattern Tamper Evident Hologram Description

The holographic tamper evident label is produced by utilizing a regular dots pattern anti-tamper material. It can be used in product sealing applications to protect the product from illegal opening and tampering.

If someone tries to peel off the label, the dot pattern will remain as a residue on the surface where it’s affixed to, and this residue will serve as evidence that the product has been accessed by others, it could be a sign that maybe this product isn’t an original one.

circle holographic tamper evident label, leaves dots pattern residue if peel it off

Parameter of Dots Holographic Tamper Evident Label

Material30um PETOEMAccept
ColorSilver metalizedMOQ50K pcs
Size15mm circleFeatureAnti-counterfeit
Dots tamper proof
Asthetic appearance
Optical tech2D/3D and holographic grating, Supply formIn roll
Printing infoSerials and bracodesApplicationWarranty seal
dots or void tamper evident hologram structure

Features of Dots Pattern Tamper Proof Label

The dot pattern tamper proof label is made of a polyester film with the underlying dot pattern, and then the desired holographic label image is embossing on the film. Adding holographic images on tamper evident materials is an effective solution to maintain product authenticity and security, as well as reducing fraud.

compared with printing label, holographic dots tamper evident is more security
  • Leave a dot pattern residue on the surface
  • Prevent tampering and second-time-use
  • A durable solution for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Labels can be a roll or a single piece.

The dots pattern is only one of six tamper evident materials. Among them, void, honeycomb, and anti-tampering cutting are the most widely used materials.

Applications of Dots Tamper Evident

The dot-shaped holographic tamper evident label is suitable for any product that needs to prevent altering and prevent unauthorized transfer. It can be stick to various surfaces, like glass, paper, stainless steel, smooth, and other curved surfaces with customized sizes. The following are a few industries cades using the label, including, electronics industry, cosmetic products, healthcare products, auto spare parts, and vehicle documents.

holographic tamper evident label for cosmetic and eletronic packaging, warranty seal

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