Laser Easy-open Tear Tape

Material: 35 micron BOPP

Specification: 2.5mm*5000M

Usage: Cigareete/tea package

Feature: Anti-counterfeit

MOQ: 200 rolls

Sample: Available

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001

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Nowadays, easy-open tear tape has become an essential packaging auxiliary material, mainly used for unsealing products with transparent film packaging. Because it can help users open the package quickly and easily, it provides customers with convenience and a good unsealing experience, So it is called easy-open tear tape.

Generally speaking, there are two situations for using laser tear tape on the packaging. The first is to help customers quickly open the package, and the second is to prevent branded products from being forged.

2.5mm laser tear tape for the easy opening purpose

Our tear tapes can meet these two requirements at the same time. Today we mainly introduce one of the functions: easy opening.

ItemEasy open tear tapeOEMAccept
Material35 micron BOPPColorClear
Specification2.5mm*5000mAdhesiveSingle sided acrylic
FeatureEasy opening
ApplicationCigarette, tea Packaging
SampleAvailable in the same dayMOQ200 rolls
Hologram BOPP PET Packaging Tear Tape

The easy open tear tape is produced by laser technology, it’s also called the easy tear packaging tape. It is a narrow strip that can be attached to the inner surface of various transparent films that are packaged on the outside of the packaging box and has extra lines reserved, so the package can be easily opened without any other tools.

By using a variety of security functions, it is not only easy to tear the packaging, but also has a better anti-counterfeiting effect. Main security technologies as follows.

tear tape with micro text and optical lens technology

The easy tear packaging tear tape can be used as a device that allows consumers to easily open the package without using knives and other opening tools. They can be used to open cigarette boxes, cosmetic boxes, cookie bags/boxes, chewing gum bags, medicines, CDs, poker boxes, etc.

Tear tape for medicine, cigarette and cosmetic box

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