Hologram Heat Transfer Overlay

Material: 21 micron PET

Color: Transparent

Specification: 86*54mm

Usage: ID cards and driving license

Feature: Anti-counterfeit

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001

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The hologram thermal transfer overlay is a very thin film that can be used for various cards to protect protecting printing information from tampering and playing a protective role.

Compared with the holographic laminate patch, it can be edge-to-edge lamination, the overlay can be fully covered on the card surface, but the scratch resistance is not as strong as the patch film.

roll transparent hologram thermal transfer overlay

Our company provides personalized hologram thermal transfer overlay to meet your company’s security requirements. because the specific pattern can enhance the security of the ID card.

Product Parameter
MaterialPolyesterThickness21 micron
Specification400 pieces per rollEquipmentSpecial Laminator
FeatureAnti-tamperingApplicationID card
hologram thermal transfer overlay, accept personalized design
hologram trasnfer overlay for cards with about six optical techs
compared with normal film, five features of our hologram overlay ribbon

Use the special laminator to heating the film on the printed PVC card, and then the transparent optical security layer transferred on the card against counterfeiting.

6 steps to teach to transfer hologram image to id cards
hologram transfer overlay, packed in polybag
production line of hologram transfer overlay ribbon

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