Powder thickness: 2um

Mesh: 200-700 mesh

Particle Size: 35/50/75um

Composition: Powder

Formulation use: holographic effects

Samples: Available

Application: Nail art

Packaging: Acrylic jar with screw top

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Holographic nail powder is a high-quality pigment that gives you a shiny color-changing rainbow effect when using nail arts. It can work well with any base color without completely covering it up, such as pink, yellow, blue, and so on. 

The powder is very thin, only 2um, so the consumption will be very small,  so one tiny container of holographic pigment powder can create a lot of hologram nails.

holographic pigment powder for nails with 3D and cat eye effect

In order to meet special market requirements, our company has developed a new holographic magnetic powder for nails, which uses imported film substrates as the carrier of laser patterns and coatings. The yield is higher, the quality is more stable, and the laser effect is brighter and more dazzling, meanwhile, showing 3D effects like aperture and cat’s eye.

holographic chameleon magnetic nail powder
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Advantages of holographic magnetic nail powder

shiny holographic nail pigment powder
Material Imported film substrate
Bright and dazzling
3D effect (aperture and cat-eye)
Thickness2-3um, no base film
Particle size 35/50/75um
Magnetic and the effect of finished products Good solvent resistance
Good coating and no delaminating
Great hologram effect

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