Hologram Medicine Revenue Stamp

Size: 20*43.5mm

Color: Silver

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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High-Security Holographic Revenue Stamp for Pharmaceutical Packaging

This high-security holographic revenue stamp is specially designed for various pharmaceutical packaging applications. The use of various visible, invisible, and digital security technologies makes it difficult for medicinal products to be forged.

Holographic Tax Stamp for Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes

In order to further improve security, this hologram drug revenue stamp uses special customized tamper-proof materials. Once pasted in a fixed place, any attempt to remove it will destroy it. These tax stamp designs are usually matched with QR code printing for tracking and authentication.

Hologram Medicine Revenue Stamp Parameter

The medicine revenue stamp is generally issued by the state. The production process is complex, and the customization requirements are high. The following are the basic parameters of our product. For specific requirements, please contact our sales.

Material30 micron PETColorMetalized silver
Size20*43.5mmPatternYour logo
FeatureHard to counterfeitPrinting informationQR code, serial number
ApplicationTobacco, cigarette, alcohol packs, etcMOQ50,000 pcs
Stick Holographic Revenue Stamp to Medicine Packaging Box
Roll hologram medicine tax stamp with tamper proof feature
high security hologram revenue stamp with printing

Security Features of Pharmaceutical Tax Stamp

The hologram pharmaceutical tax stamp employs a wide range of additional features to increase security performance and makes it difficult to spread counterfeit products.

  • Custom tamper proof base material to prevent reuse.
  • Overt, covert & forensic security features.
  • QR code and S/N for security authentication.

In addition to medical prodcuts, our hologram tax stamp can also be used for cigarette boxes.

Hologram Pharmaceutical Tax Stamp with Optical Features

Holographic Drug Tax Stamp Applications

High security holographic tax stamp for drug products

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