Holographic Security Barcode Label

Color: Silver

Size: 50mm square

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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Our company offers holographic barcode labels at competitive prices, which can be applied to various industries for safety and promotional purposes. The barcode is printed on the generic holographic label image to keep trace of products and protect its security. In addition to the bar code, there are some QR codes, serial numbers and logos can also be printed on the label to achieve personalization.

security barcode labels with holographic effect

These security barcode labels are made by a professional holographic master making system. They contain many optical technologies and combine custom printing to make them safe enough to resist general forgery.

If your project relatively emphasizes the shiny appearance rather than the anti-counterfeiting function, then this label is very suitable for you, otherwise, it is recommended that you use our custom logo holographic sticker.

Parameter of Holographic Barcode Label

Sticker ShapeSquare
Material30micron Polyester
Specification50mm square
Stock ImagePetal
Printing InformationQR code/serial/random number/verify code/
bar code
Code typeTTR/UV/Laser numbering
Security FeatureIn stock, accept custom printing, anti-counterfeit & aesthetic appearance
SampleDelivered in the same day
Selling UnitBy roll

Features of 2D/3D Security Barcode Label

This 2D/3D holographic label designed with all kinds of overt and covert security features. They can be printed barcode, QR code, serial number, and other what you want to print it, like company information, logo, and so on.

holographic barcode labels, they are printable

One level: Overt—- colorful optical lens, black and white background, 2D/3D for NIP, dipodic relief no color relief stereo effect

Second level: Covert—- Hidden text

Covert features – security thread (made by micro text) and hidden text, compared with overt features, micro text/hidden text needs to use tools to observe the hidden information, so it offers a higher level of anti-fake performance.

Applications of Holographic Security Barcode Label

Holographic security barcode labels can be used in a variety of industries for security and aesthetic purposes. They are easy to use, have self-adhesiveness and obvious tamper evidence, and can be pasted on various substrates to help verify and trace the traces of different items.

optical printable holographic stickers for medicin box, garment tag and bottle body

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