Size: Customized

Material: 50um-200um PET

Glue: 3M high-strength glue

Feature: Metallic, anti-fake, strong weather resistance, and friction resistance

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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Backpack Metal Texture Label Parameter

This metal texture label is specially designed for backpack products. It’s a good decoration nameplate label, through micro-nano texture processing to achieve color, dynamic, stereoscopic, and metal texture.

This backpack nameplate label has a very strong visual appeal, with a higher security identification and anti-counterfeiting effect.

optical metal texture label for backpack
ProductMetal texture labels for backpacksFeatureMetal texture
3D, dynamic & color
Material50um-200um PETOEMAccept
SizeCustomizedApplicationBackpacks, shoes and hats
Glue type3M high-strength glueSupply formOn sheet/in roll

Metallic Nameplate Label Application

Our metallic nameplate labels are not only suitable for backpacks, clothing, hats, and luggage, but also for cosmetic, makeup products, laptops, pens, and other consumer electronics, automotive, and household appliances, high-end precious wines, golf products, etc.

metallic nameplate label applications display

Features of Backpack Nameplate Label

Different from ordinary PET labels, the metal texture nameplate label applied to backpack products has five features. It can present a unique nameplate texture and add brand value to your products.

features of backpack nameplate label

Metal Texture Nameplatel Label Application

metal texture label for backpack application
dynamic optical effect of metallic nameplate label

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