Sailboat Pattern Hologram Cold Laminate Overlay for Printed ID Cards

Sailboat Hologram Overlay

Color: Transparent

Specification: 84*52mm

Usage: ID cards

Feature: Anti-counterfeit & Anti-scratch

MOQ: 500pcs, in stock

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001

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The sailboat pattern hologram cold laminate overlay is available to work with varieties of plastic ID card substrates, including PVC, PET, PC, etc. The sailboat image presents a rainbow effect, it has beautiful color changes viewed from different angles.

sailboat pattern hologram cold laminate overlay

It can be covered on the post-printed cards so that the lamination can protect your personalized information of cards from daily wear and tampering.

sailboat hologram overlay for PVC cards
Product Parameter
Material30 micron PET
FeatureHigh brightness
Manually laminate (without equipment)
Honeycomb anti-tamper
Industry Application– Staff ID / Access Card
– Traffic & Travel Event ID
– Student ID / Library Card
–Healthcare and Social Welfare Cards
How to Stick the Hologram Cold Laminate Overlay to ID Cards

This sailboat pattern cold laminate overlay uses many optical technologies and honeycomb tamper-proof materials. Once attached to a fixed location, the clear holographic overlay cannot be removed, so that protect your cards from tampering.

security features of sailboat graphic hologram cold laminate overlay
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