100% Original Scratch QR Hologram Sticker, Scan QR to Verify

Scratch QR Hologram Sticker

Color: Silver

Size: 15*2m5m

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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Description of Scatch QR Hologram

The scratch hologram sticker is composed of the holographic image, QR code, and scratch code, which can provide a high degree of security for the product. When you use your finger to scratch off the scratch area, you can see a string of numbers, which can be used for product traceability and authentication through our QR code system.

In the past, we used scratch QR code hologram stickers for mobile phone call recharge, lottery tickets, promotions, and other items. Currently, they are widely used for product authenticity checks, traceability, telegraphic code queries, and QR code queries.

scratch qr code hologram sticker for track and trace

However, the code itself does not have an anti-counterfeiting function and can be copied. Combined with our optical elements and QR code system, it will make them very difficult to copy, thus protecting your brand and products.

Parameter of Scratch QR Hologram Sticker

Material30um PETOEMAccept
ColorSilver metalizedMOQ50K pcs
Size15*25mm rectangularFeatureAnti-counterfeit
Void tamper proof
Asthetic appearance
Optical tech2D/3D, micro text, gratingSupply formIn roll/sheet
Printing infoScratch QR code, serials and logosApplicationCosmetic brand packaging
hologram sticker that print qr code, serial and scratch qr code, Void Tamper Evident Material

Features of Scratch QR Code Hologram

In order to improve security, our technicians usually apply “overt”, “invisible” and even forensic technology to scratch QR hologram according to different needs. In general, covert and invisible optical technologies are the most widely used. Use third-party authentication only when there is a dispute.

Overt security features, recognize with the naked eye, such as rainbow relief, holographic grating, 2D/3D hologram, guilloche. Invisible technologies, need to use tools to observe the hidden information, such as micro text, optical thread.

The scratch QR hologram sticker has a special feature that the sticker itself is self-destructive. When someone peels it off from the object, the void residue can be seen, thereby give additional security protection to products. Click here to see the more destructible tamper-proof sticker.

About eight optical technologies of Hologram QR Sticker

Applications of Scratch QR Code Hologram Sticker

Scratch hologram stickers are usually used in conjunction with QR code authentication systems to identify the authenticity of products and protect the security of electronic codes. The following are the packaging applications.

QR Hologram Sticker for Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

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