Holographic Foil Sticker

Material: 15/20um PET

Color: Silver

Specification: Customize 

Usage: Packaging Bag

Feature: Anti-counterfeit

OEM: Accept

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001

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The holographic foil sticker can be applied to the plastic packaging bag, thereby adding safety protection and strong visual appeal to the current product. You will see that the security hologram foil sticker has an eye mark, which is mainly used to locate the position of each sticker and ensure that the holographic image can be accurately stamped on the required substrate.

security hologram foil sticker, hot stamped onto PE packaging bag

Once hot-stamped, it is almost impossible to remove the hologram foil sticker from the substrate. At the same time, it uses a variety of security features to further improve safety performance.

Material15/20 micronColorMetalized silver
SizeCustomizePatternYour logo
Feature1) High security  
2) Accept personalized printing
2) Can’t remove after stamping
ApplicationPlastic packaging bag
MOQ50,000pcsCertificatesISO27001, 9001, IHMA
hot stamping holographic foil sticker for packaging bag

The hot stamping foil sticker is designed with a variety of holographic technologies, which has become an effective method to combat counterfeiting. It has many advantages as follows.

  • Beautiful visual appeal make your product unique.
  • Available in multiple colors, such as gold, silver
  • Utilize many hologram techs to protect products security
  • Matched with a special hot stamping machine, it can’t be lifted up once stamping.
hologram foil sticker for packaging bag

In addition to being used for plastic packaging bags, a security hologram foil sticker can also be applied to certificates, PVC cards, and paper labels to achieve aesthetics and anti-counterfeiting purposes.


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