Optical Security Tear Tape

Material: 30 micron PET Silver

Specification: 2.5mm*5000M

Usage: Cigarette box

Feature: Anti-counterfeit

MOQ: 200 rolls

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001

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The security tear tape is a narrow strip coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. They are usually used in various packaging products for anti-counterfeiting and easy-to-open packaging. They are very common in tobacco and tea boxes.

optical security tear tapes for cigarette packaging box

In addition, our optical security tear tapes are also suitable for applications in many different industries, such as chewing gum, cosmetics, and audio and video tapes.

ItemOptical security tear tapeOEMAccept
Material30 micron PETColorSilver
Specification2.5mm*5000mAdhesiveSingle sided acrylic
Easy opening
ApplicationCigarette box
SampleAvailable in the same dayMOQ200 rolls
reel format optical security tear tape with flip-flop feature

Suzhou Image Laser Company mainly provides various optical security tear tapes. They contain some optical technologies and have attractive color variations. You can also embed some required information to improve anti-counterfeiting and promote your brand. Therefore, it is a good marketing tool and can protect the brand and product safety.

advantages of optical security tear tape than normal tear tape

The use of tear tape helps the user to tear apart all types of package items, reducing the use of traditional tools (such as knives and scissors) for opening them.

The optical security tear tape is suitable for various outer packaging boxes/bags, such as cigarettes/tobacco bags, health products, food, audio-video products, poker, and electronic products.

They can help consumers verify products and help brand owners promote brands and products. At the same time, they can help consumers quickly open the package, thereby improving the user experience.

tear tape can be used for cigarette, tea, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, poker, chewing gum, and audio-visual products.

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