silver hologram sticker, leaves Void if removed

Silver Hologram Sticker

Color: Silver

Size: 15*20mm

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 5 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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The newly developed silver hologram sticker contains the words “100% original”. There are two different Chinese characters “Zheng” and “Pin” in the center of the sticker, which can be observed separately when rotated 90 degrees. Most customers use the sticker to protect qualification certificates.

silver hologram sticker for certificates anti-fake

Features of Silver Holograms

Holographic images are embossed on silver metalized material, which can present a pretty shiny and bright effect. To a certain degree, It adds an eye-catching feature to your existing packaging.

Our company not only provides silver stickers, but also gold and transparent colors. Currently, this hologram sticker is in stock and can be shipped immediately.

About 7 security technologies are embedded into the silver hologram, so it can help your brand and products against counterfeiting. To add anti-fake, the sticker is are tamper-proof, meaning they are designed to be self-destructive if tampered from the original position, warranty void if removed stickers.

silver holographic sticker security technologies

Silver Hologram Parameter:

Material30um PETOEMAccept
ColorSilver metalizedSupply formIn roll/sheet
Glue typePressure sensitive glueSampleAvailable
Printing infoSerialsCertificatesISO9001, ISO27001

This silver holographic sticker employs kinds of overt and covert security features.

Overt features – Rainbow relief, 3D stereo, flip-flop, guilloche

Covert features – security thread ( made by micro text) and hidden text, compared with overt features, micro text/hidden text needs to use tools to observe the hidden information, so it offers a higher level of anti-fake performance.

anti-fake hologram sticker with more than 7 security features

Besides certificates application, this silver hologram label can also be pasted on cosmetic, electronic boxes, and cosmetic bottle body for anti-fake and promotional purposes.

am for cosmetic, electronic boxes and cosmetic bottle body

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