Silver Holographic Tear Tape

Material: 35 micron BOPP

Specification: 2.5mm*5000M

Usage: Cigareete/tea package

Feature: Anti-counterfeit

MOQ: 200 rolls

Sample: Available

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001

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This silver metalized tear tape is made by using superior material along with advanced hologram technologies to provide better security and add a shiny effect to packaging.

2.5mm Silver Metalized Holographic Tear Tape

In addition silver color, there are many other types of base film that can be used to carry graphics and produce hologram tear tape. The more frequently used is silver and gold color metalized base films.

In order to meet customer requirements, we can customize these tear strips and tapes with different designs and logos. 

ItemSilver holographic tear tapeOEMAccept
Material35 micron BOPPColorClear
Specification2.5mm*5000mAdhesiveSingle sided acrylic
Easy opening
ApplicationCigarette, tea, biscuit, chewing gum, CDs, etc.
SampleAvailable in the same dayMOQ200 rolls
Silver Metalized Holographic Tear Tape for tobacco box

Suzhou Image Laser’s goal is to provide tailor-made solutions with different security levels according to customer requirements. Some anti-counterfeiting technologies are as follows, you can visit amazing 20 security technologies to learn more details.

tear tape with micro text and optical lens technology

Moreover, our company can provide you with your own logos, texts, and graphics for silver metalized tear tape.

The silver holographic tear tape can be pasted on the inner surface of the shrink film of various packagings, such as cigarettes, tea, cosmetics, biscuits, chewing gum, medicines, poker box packaging, CDs, etc. Make the packaging beautiful, anti-counterfeit, and easy to open.

Tear tape for medicine, cigarette and cosmetic box

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