15mm Round Hologram Sticker for Lipstick Packaging

Round Hologram Sticker

Color: Silver

Size: 15mm dia

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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On the background of this small-sized round hologram sticker, there is a repeated word “GENUINE SECURE” and two repeated patterns, called lens and lock. When the label is viewed from a certain angle, these elements have a deep sense of depth and are very shiny.

Round Hologram Sticker with secure genuine, VOID Appears if Removed

Especially the lens pattern on the hologram sticker looks like crystal clear water droplets, which is very attractive. It can add perceived value to branded products.

On the other hand, the complicated production process makes the small holographic sticker itself unable to be copied by using a printer or photocopier, thus providing appropriate safety protection.

15mm round lens hologram sticker for lip gloss prodcuts
Sticker ShapeRound
Material30 micron Polyester
Specification15mm dia
Stock ImageLens, Lock, and GENUINE SECURE
ImprintNo stock imprint, Available to imprint with texts, logos and serials on hologram sticker
Security FeatureVoid Tamper Evident
Rainbow color
SampleDelivered in the same day
Selling UnitSheet, 16 pieces per sheet

This hologram sticker with the lens, lock, and GENUINE SECURE image as the background can be die-cut into various shapes, such as circle, rectangular, “P”, and any other shapes as per the client’s requirement.

30mm circle shape genuine secure holographic sticker
Letter P Shape Hologram Sticker, Void Tamper Evident

This 15mm dia small hologram sticker has an anti-tampering feature, which will lead to “VOID” is left behind as residues if someone tries to remove it. Thereby offers additional security to fight against fake products.

In addition, it also contains about four security technologies to increase security performance and enhance visual effects, such as lens, lock design, and rainbow colors.

four security elements that the small round hologram sticker applied

Holographic stickers have become vital to many industries to prove authenticity and for tamper-evident. Small size design is applied to lip gloss packaging to make your products more refined and high-end.

Here are some industries that can also use this label:

  • Electronics Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Machine Industries
  • Documents & Certificates
  • Government projects(tax stamp, driving license, passport)

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