Tamper Evident Security Labels

Color: Silver

Size: 15*20mm oval

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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Tamper Evident Security Label Description

This oval shape tamper proof security label is usually affixed to the sealed position of the package to prevent unauthorized access. If someone tries to separate and a honeycomb shape residue appears. It warned people that this product may not be the original one.

hologram tamper evident security labels, honeycomb pattern read if removed

Honeycomb tamper evident function combined with high-security hologram images can provide a higher level of security protection for your products and packaging. It can effectively reduce the possibility of secondary use. Therefore, this plays a vital role in maintaining the originality of the product.

Tamper Evident Security Labels Parameter

Material30um PETOEMAccept
ColorSilver metalizedMOQ50K pcs
Size15*20mm ovalSupply formIn roll
Optical tech3D dynamic, optical threadFeatureBrand protection
Honeycomb tamper proof
Asthetic appearance
Printing infoSerials and bracodesApplicationWarranty seal
oval shape dove pattern tamper proof labels for boxes seal

Tamper Proof Security Labels Features

The working principle of tamper proof security labels is very simple. The optical image is embossed on the honeycomb destructive material. When tampered with, the adhesive coating of the security label will be transferred to the surface of the object. Then you will see some residues.

In addition to the honeycomb image, our company has developed a variety of hologram tamper proof labels, which are self-destructive materials that are very popular in the market and used at high frequencies. The only difference is that when someone tries to move it from one location to another, different residual patterns, “VOID”, dots and custom patterns appear.

Honeycomb Tamper Evident Applications

This honeycomb tamper proof security label is available for various packaging seal application, including:

  • Cosmetic boxes and bottles
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Kids Toys Packaging
  • Government documents

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