According to the latest statistics, about 400 billion tobaccos are smuggled and manufactured counterfeited every year. International and national agencies have established regulatory obligations around the globe to stop this. These regulations range from reducing the consumption of tobacco products to protecting tobacco products from counterfeiting.

An anti-counterfeiting enterprise for more than 20 years, Suzhou Image Laser provided tobacco brands with a complete security packaging solution, including the supply of tear tape, holographic shrink film, tax stamps, tobacco blank, frame paper, inner liner, and related products services.

Our anti-counterfeiting solutions for tobacco packaging ensure authentic tobacco gets to your customers, creating a good brands reputation. Meanwhile, protecting national tax revenue.

Aesthetic Optical Security Tobacco Packaging
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Various Tear Tapes for Brand Security and Easy Opening Solutions
Tobacco Packaging Material, Optical Shrink Film
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Tax Stamp for Tobacco, make excise collection simple and secure
Tobacco Blank, Promote and Strengthen Your Brand
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Frame Paper for Tobacco Packaging, Anti-counterfeiting and Beautiful
Inner Liner for Tobacco Packaging, Protect Tobacco Brand
Overall Tobacco Security Solutions to Protect Your Brand

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