Some important and sensitive documents and certificates usually use hot stamping type security solutions to help identify and prevent forgery. Since this product cannot be lifted after hot stamping in a fixed position, it can provide good protection.

This hot stamping type of security solution, usually called hot stamping stickers, is often seen on various single paper documents, book type certificates, visas, university certificates, school certificates, quality assurance certificates, qualification certificates, etc. Used for safety certification.

hot stamping hologram for book type documents
hot stamping hologram for book type documents

Supplied in roll form, each label has registered mark along with it. It can make sure the hot stamping machine accurately locates it and transfer the hologram image onto the place where you want.

After hot stamping, the label can’t be lifted up, very safe for sensitive documents and certificates. And they can resist high temperature (175℃) when the print personal information in a laser printer.

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