Nowadays, vehicle management agencies are facing various challenges and problems, including various thefts related to vehicles, lack of insurance, and corresponding technical inspections. These problems on the one hand threaten the safety of the people, on the other hand, they have caused huge tax losses to the government.

In order to solve these problems, Suzhou Image Laser has developed high-security solutions for the identification of vehicle documents. This security solution can better track all relative information of vehicle, motorcycles, and trailers and help identify whether this automobile passes an annual inspection and pay the insurance and road tax.

Car Windshield Security Solution

It is actually a hologram sticker with a tamper-proof function, which can be affixed to the inside of the car windshield for filed verification. It can also be serialized and tailored to support verification of vehicle-related documents information, such as registration, inspection, and tax payment certificates.

The car windshield hologram sticker is characterized by easy to paste, easy to authenticate, and difficult to forge.

Suzhou Imaging Laser has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of holographic stickers for decades. In addition to the inside application of car windshield, these labels can also be used for the outside application of various motorcycles and trailers.

Motorcycle Outside Application

Some hologram labels are applied to the outside of some motorcycle or trailers for identification & authentication. Void tamper evident feature protect sticker itself from alteration.

At Suzhou Image Laser, we use the latest hologram technologies to combat counterfeiting issues. Commonly speaking, an automobile requires a higher security system to avoid any form of counterfeiting of vehicle documents.

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