Anti Counterfeit Hologram Label

Color: Silver

Size: 25mm square

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

Sample: Available

OEM: Accept

Production time: 7 working days

Certificate: IHMA, ISO9001:2015

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This kind of anti counterfeit label, with black printing as the background, has high-frequency light diffraction safety anti-counterfeiting technology and is widely used in the packaging of wine bottles, electronic products, cosmetics, and other products.

30MM Round Hologram Anti Counterfeit Label

In daily life, counterfeiters have long preyed upon consumers’ vulnerability in order to make a quick profit, As a security hologram manufacturer, helping the company choose a secure hologram anti forgery sticker solutions to protect its strong company image is one of our main tasks.

ItemAnti counterfeiting labelOEMAccept
Size30mm roundMOQ50K pcs
Material30um PET silverSupply formIn sheet
Glue typePressure Sensitive AdhesiveFeatureAnti-fake/Aesthetic appearance
ApplicationProduct packagingCertificateIHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001
hologram anti-counterfeiting label

Our company has the ability to apply a wide range of optical techniques to manufacture high-security anti counterfeit labels for your applications. This circular anti forgery sticker mainly uses the following anti-counterfeiting technologies, including optical lens, de-metalized, micro text, high-frequency holographic grating (light diffraction), and zoo in/out. You can visit the bellowed pictures.

circular anti-counterfeit label with micro text, optical lens and de-metalized techs

Among them, light Diffraction is a very special optical security technology. When the viewing angle turns 90°, it can present red to green color change, which is easy to identify, but it is difficult to forge. Light diffraction is often found on sensitive documents, driving licenses, and national ID projects.

Hologram anti-counterfeit labels can be customized with various sizes, shapes, colors, and logo designs for different industries. Apart from wine bottles, electronic products, cosmetics, it can also be used for kids’ toys, food & beverages, pharmaceutical and garments, etc. Thus make brand & products more security.

Hologram Sticker Industry Application

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