1, What is texture anti-counterfeiting?

The optical texture anti-counterfeiting is also called security background texture anti-counterfeiting. Its production principle is to use lines and extremely small dots to form regular or irregular patterns and textures in pattern design and mold making to prevent copying and duplication.

Suzhou Image Laser has developed six background texture anti-counterfeiting patterns, which are mainly applied to various product packaging in the form of optical self-adhesive labels to achieve beautiful decoration and basic anti-counterfeiting functions.

six background texture optical hologram stickers, accept personalizd printing

The label itself can support personalized information printing to achieve partial customization effects. We also call them printable holographic stickers.

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Since the optical background texture is composed of elements, and the selection of the elements is unrestricted, so the range of use of the background texture is not restricted and the form of change is extremely random.

For example, bank deposit receipts, certificates, documents, tax stamps, etc. are all using this optical background texture, which is beautiful and anti-counterfeiting.

super precion optical background texture

2, The characteristics of background texture anti-counterfeiting

1) Easy to identify

Optical background texture anti-counterfeiting can realize visual recognition and is usually used as the primary, and easiest identification method used for documents, with lower recognition cost and higher recognition efficiency.

2) Coordination

Due to the visual characteristics of the background texture anti-counterfeiting, it has become an important factor in the final visual presentation of the document layout design.

When designing the document, the designer needs to balance and coordinate the optical texture design and other layout content from an aesthetic point of view to ensure the layout of the document is coordinated and beautiful.

3) Technical compatibility

Background texture anti-counterfeiting can’t be limited to vector design artwork. The degree of matching between the technical level of printing and ink and the fine and complex design of background texture anti-counterfeiting directly affects the degree to which the background texture anti-counterfeiting effect is achieved.

4) Limitations

The visualization characteristics of optical texture anti-counterfeiting lead to it has the risk of being copied and imitated by criminals. Although a single background texture anti-counterfeiting technology for document protection can effectively control the cost of anti-counterfeiting, it will reduce the strength of anti-counterfeiting.

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3, Introduction of six kinds of background texture anti-counterfeiting.

1, The optical texture design is based on dynamic flowers(guilloche) as the background, and an optical strip integrated with a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies is added. This texture has a wide range of uses and is suitable for all kinds of packaging.

optical texture with dynamic flowers(guilloche) pattern

2, The petals, the texture describe the shape of flowers with delicate dynamic lines, which are both beautiful and anti-counterfeit, suitable for all kinds of cosmetic packaging.

3, Gears, the main element of the texture is industrial machinery gears, combined with 3D suspension technology, suitable for parts hardware packaging or other mechanical products.

4, Lens flower, this style of texture depicts the gorgeousness and softness of flowers with crystal lens. It is suitable for facial masks or other cosmetic packaging.

lens flower optical texture design
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5. Hexagonal shape, the texture uses hexagonal shape as the element and uses optical technology to give a dynamic effect with great visual impact, which is suitable for electronic product packaging.

6, Water ripples, the main element of the texture is water ripples, with fine and rich texture, beautiful and generous, suitable for all kinds of cosmetics and clothing products.

These background texture anti-counterfeiting stickers can combine with various security technologies to enhance security, such as dynamic changes, flip-flop, 2D/3D, embossing, lens, information fiber, micro text, laser re-production, etc. At the same time, various customized information can be printed on the texture to further improve security and meet the personalized requirements of some companies at an affordable price.

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4, What functions can background texture holographic stickers achieve?

These background texture holographic stickers are flexible to use, suitable for large and small batches of labels, and have strong versatility. They do not require special mold making, have an anti-counterfeiting feature. And they are suitable for a variety of label printing equipment and can do personalized printing or one object-one code printing.

Product specifications, QR codes, and barcode information can be printed in real-time at the production line terminal or on-site and can be printed immediately, and the printed information can be changed at any time. Die-cutting specifications of various sizes and shapes are available.

printable holographic stickers with mutiple anti-counterfeit features
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Background texture patterns can be combined with various printing to make your own personalized hologram stickers. You can print various brand information, logo, company website, QR code, barcode, serial number, etc. on the label according to your own needs. The following functions are finally realized.

(1) Marketing: link the company’s product or brand information to the QR code and scan it to promote your company.

(2) One code for one product: One box (bottle) and one code can be marked for the product to prevent the anti-channel conflict.

 (3) The packaging remains unchanged: Just print on the original packaging and stick with a small optical texture label, which will not change the original packaging of the product.

(4) Controllable cost: Enterprises can selectively customize corresponding functions and services according to their own needs.

qr code sticker for security authentication and tracking

It has to be said that there are still many areas worthy of improvement in background texture anti-counterfeiting. For example, the aesthetic effect of background texture anti-counterfeiting is not fully reflected; the design intent of background texture is still subject to problems such as the matching of printing, ink, and other related technologies.

However, we believe that with the development of technology, a complete document anti-counterfeiting technology system will eventually be formed to ensure document information security, maintain social order and public security, and promote long-term stability in the country.

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