Printable Holograms

Printable hologram stickers use the generic design to achieve partial custom effects. We can print unique information on the label surface, such as logo, text, QR code, barcode, and other printing. So as to provide security protection for brand packaging.

The generic design can be sold to other users, so there is no mold cost. However, combined with custom printing, it can be your own unique sticker with high-cost performance.

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Printable Hologram Stickers with different sizes and designs

Our company offers kinds of printable holographic labels with different patterns. You can choose the hologram image you like from many generic designs, and then print customized information on it.

In short, the printable hologram is that we do some personalized printing on stock hologram sticker design, aiming to make your package unique, beautiful, and not easy to be imitated by others.

Compared with customized design hologram stickers, since the general texture has no mold fee, the cost performance is very high. It is very suitable for those projects that pay great attention to the glossy appearance and need appropriate anti-counterfeiting effect.

| Features of Printable Holographic Stickers |

  • Attractive optical design.
  • Affordable, low MOQ and high-cost performance.
  • Multi-security elements ( Overt & covert features ).
  • Accept custom printing, such as logos, texts, serials, QR codes and barcodes.
  • Applicable to various package items and promotional gifts.
  • Applicable to various brand packages, certificates and nations IDs.

| Types of Printable Hologram Labels |

Printable hologram labels are divided into many different forms from available generic hologram texture, printing information to code types. Our company will recommend appropriate solutions to customers based on each customer’s requirements.

Available Hologram Background

More than ten available hologram backgrounds to do custom printed labels. These images contain many overt, covert security features, and present attractive dynamic change. They offer proper anti-fake and beauty to packaging products at the same time.

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Printing information

Our company provides five different forms of printed information, This customized information can be printed on our stock hologram background. The following are the details related to the printing information.

Logo Printing, Text Printing, QR Code Printing, Serial Printing, Barcode Printing

Three Solutions Of Printing Method

To print QR code, serial number, random number, batch number, texts, logos, etc on our hologram labels, we have three solutions. All these three solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, used for different applications and functions.

They are separately TTR printing, UV inkjet printing, and Laser numbering. We will choose the suitable numbering methods for your hologram stickers, considering both the quality and cost.

| Printable Holograms Gallery |

Suzhou Image Laser Company self researched and developed a series of generic holographic texture, which can be used for custom printed labels. Those labels are widely applied to package items for promotion and brand enhancement purposes.

Because generic textures are available to other users, they provide limited security for product applications. If you pay great attention to beauty and want to embody your brand information on stickers, printable hologram stickers can fully meet your requirements and have the characteristics of low MOQ, low cost, and personalized printing services.

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