3D Laser Holographic Sticker for Security Seal

Dot Matrix 3D Laser Hologram Sticker

3D laser hologram stickers are specially designed for security and promotional purposes, mainly for anti-counterfeiting. Because the manufacturing process is a bit difficult and requires high-resolution dot matrix equipment, when many counterfeiters see such 3d laser hologram image on your products, this can deter them to a certain extent. Because the cost of fraud is too high to be worth it.

Gold line tear tape for pharmaceutical packaging

Gold Metalized Tear Tape for Medicine Box

This kind of gold tear tape is specially designed for pharmaceutical packaging. The hologram image is imprinted on the base film to protect the brand owner’s products from counterfeiting. In addition, its use provides customers with easy-to-open solutions.Apart from cigarette industries, it’s applicable to various other types of packaging items, such as cosmetic, chocolate, chewing gum, and audio & video tapes.